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Much like the Papua New Guinea coffee of the Kigabah Estate, the Amuliba Estate was formed by an Australian. Philip Kapal (who goes by the pseudonym Nani) is the leader of the Tsekaka clan, and owns Amuliba through the Karkopi Development.

Tasting notes: Dried Apricot, Vanilla,

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This Papua New Guinea coffee is harvested between April-August. It is handpicked, pulped, washed in vats, sun dried, hulled and polished by our fellow producers.

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Coffee is a major industry for Papua New Guinea involving more than 2.5 million people (or nearly half of the total population). The crop remains the main source of income for many highland farmers. Smallholders account for at least 85% of the coffee grown in the country, the majority growing Arabica (95% of the country’s production) at altitudes of 1,500


Some of the greatest challenges to Papua New Guinea’s coffee production have been the overwhelmingly small-scale nature of its production. Lack of basic infrastructure, such as roads, and limited access to training and technical inputs limited production for many years. Papua New Guinea’s coffee board, has worked to regulate the industry, facilitate sustainability and quality measures and provide research and extension services to the coffee farming community. This has resulted in the overall increase in quality of Papua New Guinea’s coffees in recent years and its increasing participation in specialty markets.

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