Belly Warmer

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Plain, simple, and kinda dark. The blend goes a step beyond the stiff joe you’re served on early morning road trip breakfast stops and late-night visits to your local greasy spoon. Notes of dark chocolate and almond butter.

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Sometimes you just need a good, wholesome dark roast. This classic blend with transparency and traceability to the farmers who brought you this every day brew. May we suggest making this a regular subscription on Harvest?

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Costa Rica, Guatemala

La Pastora
and Ixlama

Belly Warmer is made up of equal parts Costa Rica, La Pastora and Guatemala, Ixlama. A blend does not mean you have to sacrifice traceability and transparency. This laid black blend pays homage to the farmers in Costa Rica and Guatemala that harvested the coffee cherries and often do not get the respect they deserve.


The Costa Rican component is brought to us from the CoopeTarrazu, cooperative group in the San Jose province of Costa Rica. The co-op represents over 3,500 partners in the province, and is committed to the welfare of those partners and their communities. The Guatemalan component is the culmination of work by over 100 family producers in the Guatemalan municipalities of San Pedro Necta and La Libertad in the department of Huehuetenango, a region known for rugged landscapes and high elevation. Together they make Belly Warmer, a laid-back blend geared for nostalgia.

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