Buffalo Ginger

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Our buffalo ginger is an heirloom ginger variety from a group of farmers in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

Known for its fruity and floral aroma and powerful heat, this is a complex & flavorful ginger powder that will elevate baked goods, stews and curries, and beverages from hot drinks to cocktails.



In Vietnam, the ginger is used with chicken, soup, rice, and candy. In an era of heightened focus on our immune systems, this ginger will provide the boost you need,

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Dried with hot air & ground
Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Quang Nam,

Cao Bằng, Vietnam in northern Vietnam is a mountainous area near the Chinese border. Beautiful waterfalls and lush green mountains make this one of the most beautiful areas of Vietnam. Thick vegetation, scattered rice paddies and narrow, winding roads define the landscape.

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We are proud to work with a small group of farmers in this region known for a rich history of ethnic minorities going back over one thousand years. Ginger is a core ingredient to health and happiness in Vietnam. It’s also been used for medicinal purposes - to calm upset stomachs, restore appetite, and support the immune system. In an era where we all care deeply about the health of our food systems and ourselves, this buffalo ginger from Vietnam will be an important addition to your home.

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