Colombia Finca El Ocaso

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A single origin relationship coffee from a long-standing relationship in Colombia. Finca El Ocaso is located near Salento, Colombia, in the department of Quindío.

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The farm, Finca El Ocaso, is owned by Gustavo Patino and his wife, Gloria. El Ocaso rests 1,900 meters above sea level in the remarkable beauty of the Andes mountains.

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Finca El Ocaso

Finca El Ocaso is located just outside the historic town of Salento, in the Quindío department of Colombia. The estate, owned and operated by Gustavo Patino, rests on a lush Andes mountainside at 1900 meters above sea level - perfect conditions for high-quality coffee production. Gustavo and his wife Gloria are avid naturalists, taking pride in the biodiversity of El Ocaso.


The relationship with Gustavo and Gloria began in 2015. A young Colombian-American entrepreneur named Daniel Velasquez had recently started an import/export company called Campesino Specialty Coffee. Daniel came to us at a time when we were searching for partners in building more direct relationships with specific coffee farms and we immediately built a great rapport, but more importantly, we fell in love with the coffee from El Ocaso. The El Ocaso Classico had the brown sugar sweetness typical of quality Colombian coffees, but above that foundational flavor was an intense malic acidity that made your mouth water like biting into a super-sweet Fuji apple. We couldn’t get enough!

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