Colombia Pedregal

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A wonderful Colombian coffee from our dear friends at Asorcafe in Cauca, Colombia. A punchy, beautiful medley of red fruits and citrus, this coffee features sparkling acidity and a lingering cola-like finish.

Tasting Notes: tangerine, sweet lime, bing cherry

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Asorcafe provides exceptional healthcare, job training, and continuing education to its members. Pedregal Reserva is a beautiful expression of Cauca’s terroir and the unparalleled craftsmanship of our friends who harvested each bean.

Sold in 12oz bags

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Founded in 2004 by 10 entrepreneurial coffee growers eager to disrupt the coffee supply chain, ASORCAFE, or sociación de Productores de Café del Oriente Caucano, is a group in the Department of Cauca, Colombia. The association maintains a cupping lab in Pedregal, which is where we derived the name for this exquisite with notes of fruit and the perfect acidity.


The region has been hampered by four decades of civil war in Colombia, but the coffee growers continue to show their passion and resilience. With diminishing violence in recent years, the coffee that we are seeing from ASORCAFE has been intensifying.

ASORCAFE maintains strict cupping standards and quality control, which is why we consistently see coffees on the cupping tables from them scoring over 85 points. Their blends of 70% Caturra and 30% Colombian variety are highly sought. We are proud to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the families of ASORCAFE in Cauca.

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