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Costa Rica Las Lajas Natural

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The famed Las Lajas specialty, organic coffees from Costa Rica are back and here to stay. This naturally processed coffee has a thick body with syrupy notes of raw honey and vanilla.

Flavor Notes: Dried cherry, raw honey, mango juice, vanilla

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Experts consistently consider Las Lajas as producing some of the best coffee in Central America, and this year's harvest proves that point.

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Natural, Raised-bed dried
Sabanilla de Alajuela, Costa Rica
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1,450 meters

Las Lajas

The Las Lajas micromill is located in the Sabanilla de Alajuela region of Costa Rica. Francisca and Oscar Chacon greet you in the driveway with huge smiles and a willingness to show you their stunning farms. Their pride is evident as they show you each immaculate step the coffee goes through. Las Lajas is a certified organic farm.

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Francisca and Oscar are third-generation producers who focus on preserving the environment while maintaining the highest quality coffee. They were some of the first to do high-quality naturals and honeys in Central America. They recently completed a renovation of their mill, complete with a corkscrew conveyor belt.

The last step of quality and care takes place on the drying patios and beds. This is where we believe Las Lajas is truly advancing coffee. They have become so precise in their processing that they have been able to produce several offerings under various monikers; this particular coffee is their Perla Negra, a natural process coffee by which whole cherries are turned hourly on raised beds.

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