Decaf Colombia Huila

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Calm down with this delicious decaf from our friends in Huila, Colombia. As a decaf, this coffee performs well as both an espresso and filter. A silky mouthfeel tasting of dark chocolate and apple ends with a long and complex almond finish.

Flavor Notes: Apple, dark chocolate, almond, brown sugar

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This coffee has all the things we love about coffees from Huila, with none of the caffeine thanks to the sugar cane decaffeination process.

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Huila, Colombia

A regional blend, this coffee comes from the award-winning region of Huila, Colombia. The region's general taste profile is known to be balanced and sweet, with dynamic acidity. he outcome of this blend is a coffee that upholds the sweetness and texture of coffee from Huila that we love, but without the caffeine.


Juan Jimenez manages his 16-hectare farm in Palestina, Huila, Colombia with his wife, Leidy. They reinvest their earnings harvest after harvest to sustain high quality production. Juan and Leidy grow Caturra, Colombia, and Pink Bourbon on their farm. Each variety is meticulously picked and processed with quality in mind. A labor of love, they continue to produce delicious coffees year after year. We are honored to work with them in a lasting relationship that will allow them to continue to reinvest in the farm.

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