El Salvador Ayutepeque

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This magical single origin from Emilio and family in El Salvador is a washed bourbon that showcases the classic Salvadoran profile; sweet and balanced with notes of caramel, cocoa, red apple, and amaretto.

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Ayutepeque is a farm operated by Cuatro M and Finca El Manzano in El Salvador. We have worked with Emilio for several years and this relationship embodies nearly a decade of mutual support from seed to cup.

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Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Santa Ana, El Salvador
1,100 meters


Emilio and his family have been growing coffee for six generations in the volcanic hills of El Salvador. He is the founder of Cuatro M Farms, miller and exporter of 100% single origin coffee produced in the Apaneca-Illamatepec region. Their first washing station was installed at Finca Ayutepeque where each bean can be traced back to the lot it is grown in.

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In 2005, Cuatro M expanded operations to another family owned farm, Finca El Manzano, in order to continue the legacy of processing family grown coffee as well as introduce an innovated state of the art mill. The new environment allowed them to experiment with different processing methods such as Natural and Pulped Natural, and receive additional coffees from neighboring farms. The perfection and delivery of quality happens in the lab managed by professionals who are trained in every aspect of specialty coffee. This encompasses green coffee grading, roasting, brewing and cupping.

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