Eleazar Rodas

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The only place outside of Mexico that you can buy this exquisite single origin directly from the farmer, Eleazar Rodas. Harvest brings you origin roasted coffee that you can’t find anywhere else.

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You will never be able to find origin roasted coffee as fresh and flavorful right to your door from Chiapas, Mexico… and at this price! This coffee is named after the farmer - as it should be.

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Chiapas, Mexico
Garnica, Caturra, Bourbon
1,650 meters

Alonso Jiménez &
Eleazar Rodas

We met Don Eleazar through Don Román, his friend and compadre in Amatenango de la Frontera, Mexico. Eleazar’s friends and countrymen call him Don Lacho. He has a perpetual smile that radiates throughout the farm. Along with that smile are tanned hands of work and furrows on his face that speak to his years of hard work on the farm.

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Don Eleazar is not very orthodox, let's say, but he gets very good results with his peculiar way of working coffee. In our frequent visits to the farm, we always enjoy the delicious tortillas made by his daughter in his tortillería, next to his house. The family is proud of the flavorful and unique coffee that they produce. Don Eleazar is unorthodox and driven. His coffee reflects his personality. He appreciates the value of having sustainable relationships with clients and partners. He continues to prosper because he is able to invest in his farm, his family and his community with the help of CAFEÓLOGO. Yet as he focuses on farm, family and community, Don Eleazar maintains his unique, affable personality. Smiling and laughing through each harvest.

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