Ethiopia Gedeb Beriti

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The always crowd favorite naturally processed Ethiopian coffee from our friends at Hambela just arrived and has your fruit-forward cravings covered. Notes of malted berries, cantaloupe, and sorghum with an impressively viscous body.

Flavor Notes: Dried berries, cantaloupe, sorghum

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This coffee highlights the historical process of drying coffee within the cherry, staying true to the East African flavor culture.

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Natural, raised-bed dried
Gedeb, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
2,100 meters

Aman and Tariku

This coffee comes from our dear friends at METAD in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Aman and Tariku, who are brothers, run what is widely considered the best Ethiopian coffee sourcing in the world. They also own and farm the famed Hambela estate coffee farm, from which we purchase many micro-lots.


This lot from Gedeb in Yirgacheffe is from one of the washing stations they own, which has really developed over the years to become one of the highest quality cups in the country. This year is an exciting new step for them, as they’ve built a state-of-the-art dry milling facility just outside Addis Ababa. They’ve strategically built this on a thoroughfare that can take the milled and stuffed containers of coffee straight to the port without getting too caught up in the traffic around the city.

This mill has been custom built to process microlots, as well as the FCL (full container load) lots that they export around the world. This year we were able to be some of the first buyers to cup at the new lab, and all the coffees we purchased through METAD this year were processed through the new mill.

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