Finca Sircof

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This high-altitude coffee is graced by the gentle weather of the Central Valley coffee zone in Costa Rica. We bring you this coffee after years of cultivating a strong relationship with the dedicated group of farmers behind every bean.

Tasting Notes: grapefruit, cane sugar, almond

Never Run Out!


Sircof specialty coffee starts with a careful collection of the ripe Arabica beans, immediately processed in the artisan wet mill right on their farm.

Sold in 12oz bags

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Marco Oviedo

Risking all of this life savings, Marco Oviedo faced a terrifying truth. His family coffee farm could not survive if they continued to operate as they had for the prior two generations. He needed to innovate and take risks. He needed the right partners to grow and develop his business. In his loving wife, he had a passionate and supportive partner in life and business to take on this challenge.


Marcos and his wife decided to build a micro mill. Moving towards a more vertically integrated model, Marcos could have more control over the quality of his production and the profit centers that ultimately provide for his family. With more control of the processing and production chain, they can yield the best possible quality. Marcos found a way to improve the production and cupping scores, so they could sell coffee at a fair price and save the family farm. He did more than save the farm as he now produces coffee of the highest quality year after year. Marcos, Prevail Coffee and Harvest are honored to bring you the product of this passionate farming family.

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