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Grown in the highlands of Guatemala, this shade-grown coffee is harvested, sun dried and placed in “guardiolas.” It is separated by color via computer and density/size mechanically which results in a superior, clean, bright cup.

Tasting Notes: chocolate, pomegranate, with a subtle floral finish

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Ixlama from Huehuetenango, Guatemala, comes from specialty-selected small producers, like Finca El Paternal and Finca Nueva Palmira, from the highlands of San Pedro Necta and La Libertad in the state of Huehuetenango.

Sold in 12oz bags

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Huehuetenango, Guatemala
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1524 -1830

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Guatemala’s coffee sector is unique. It’s warm, wet, high elevation climate is ideal for creating some of the most delicious coffee beans on the market. More than 125,000 farmers are involved in coffee production, of whom roughly 120,000 are smallholder producers growing less than 3 hectares of coffee.

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These small farms collectively account for around 90 percent of the country’s total planted area of coffee and 40% of all agricultural export revenue. A reputation for high quality, strong global demand for its output, competition between private wet mills, and geographic concentration help ensure that the country’s coffee farmers typically receive higher prices than their counterparts in other countries. Nevertheless, most of the smallholder coffee growers in the country remain mired in poverty. One annual harvest, low technological advances, and the lack of basic training contribute to this problem. However, the development of stronger communities and the adoption of sustainable, good agricultural practices are helping to combat economic disparity.

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