Little Wing Blend

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With a balanced flavor profile, Little Wing will be a hit with those who love their coffee with cream and sugar as well as those who take it black. It is one of our favorite versatile blends.

Tasting Notes: vanilla, fudge, praline, twist of lemon

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An homage to the classic track by Jimi Hendrix, our Little Wing blend is a sweet and approachable coffee that is delicious brewed as either drip or espresso.

Sold in 12oz bags

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Brazil, Ethiopia

João Hamilton

João Hamilton, Ivan, and our friends at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) are innovators in the world of specialty coffee. Since the mid-19th century, Marcos and Felipe Croce have been producing coffee at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF), an organic coffee farm located in Mococa, on the east side of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. João and his partners at FAF are innovators. A few of their crazy ideas include measuring brix on the cherries before harvesting, picking at nighttime, building raised beds, drying in the shade and fermenting.


Felipe’s mother, Silvia Barretto, became the fourth generation to inherit the farm when it was passed down to her in 2001 by her father. Felipe’s father, Marcos Croce, an international trader, began to look for buyers. His mother had a vision for an organic, sustainable coffee business, so they put special focus on consideration for the environment and building strong relationships in the supply chain, while producing high-quality products.

João Hamilton is one of the many passionate smallholder farmers with whom FAF partners in the community. The FAF family's dedication to producing excellent coffees in an environmentally sustainable setting is unprecedented. João keeps the team passionate and caffeinated. Coffee at his farm, Sitio Canaã, is served by the liter, even if it is just for one person!

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