Monarch Espresso

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Monarch is our most developed roast. It is a flavor profile that we designed to work well with fats. You heard that right. A very sweet sugar dense coffee that binds to the fats and creates multiple complex sugar browning notes from Swiss chocolate to cacao depending on the amount of milk added.


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This coffee works extremely well with cream or as an espresso that has a high volume of milk.

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Colombia, Ethiopia,

Carlos Julio Diaz

Don Carlos Julio Diaz is 38 years old and lives on his farm with his wife Maria Isabel and their three children. He lives in Ibagué, Colombia and works closely with our good friends at Pergamino Coffee in Medellín, Colombia. Onyx Coffee Labs has maintained a long-standing relationship with Pergamino and has contributed to the prosperity of Carlos and his family for many years.


His oldest son, Juan Carlos, works in the farm with them and helps them manage it. His youngest is in the military and their only daughter is going to college to study agronomy. Originally from Cundinamarca, Don Carlos and his family were forced to leave their previous land during the armed conflict when he still was 10 years old.

Eventually settling in Laureles, he inherited a small parcel from his father, which he has continued to grow by buying small lots to neighbors. Although reaching the top 20 of 2014’s cup of excellence, Don Carlos had not been able to have a stable specialty program for his coffee. We hope that now will change for good.

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