Nicaragua San Jose

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A single origin from the most desired microclimate in Nicaragua. An exceptionally drinkable coffee no matter that brew method you use.

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The Finca San Jose is situated just north of Matagalpa in North-Central Nicaragua. This area is the most desirable coffee farming land in Nicaragua due to its altitude and climate diversity.

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Finca San Jose

The Blanchard team has an especially close relationship with estate owner, Bayardo Reyes, and his brother Alvaro. They originally approached Blanchard’s after learning about them from another coffee roaster. The brothers have developed a thriving coffee farm focused on sustainable growing practices and community impact.


Bayardo is currently finishing up his career as an engineer in the US Army. When he and his brother were young, Nicaragua was embroiled in civil war and the Reyes family estate known as Finca San Jose was dissolved. Bayardo decided some years back that he wanted to reconnect to his family's tradition of coffee farming, so he purchased a small parcel of land near his family's original estate and named it San Jose in their honor. Bayardo and Alvaro bring a lot of heart into the decisions they make about how their employees are treated, and how they manage the land on which their coffee grows. Their passion, dedication and big hearts are an inspiration.

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