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Power Nap (Half Caf Blend)

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You already love our floral washed Worka from Ethiopia. Well, we blended it with a natural sugar cane process Colombia creating Power Nap.

Flavor Notes: Brown sugar, peach, floral, cocoa, silky

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We created this "half-caf" blend just for you, a pre-roast blend of 50% of our beloved Ethiopia Worka and 50% of our Decaf Colombia Huila.

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Ethiopia, Colombia

Negusse Debela

The Ethiopian component of our Power Nap blend comes from SNAP Specialty Coffee. Negusse Debela established SNAP in 2008 after a journey from his home in Yirgacheffe to Minnesota of all places. From their wet mill in Gedeb, Ethiopia, SNAP works with hundred of smallholder farmers to produce some of the most exquisite specialty coffee in the world, featuring complex profiles and floral notes.

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Gedeb zone is located within the long-winded state named Southern Nations and Nationalities of the People’s Region. Gedeb coffee, also known around the world as Yirgacheffe, has six different micro-regions called “woredas”. That means coffees from Wenago, Kochere, Yirgacheffe (double name), Gedeb, Bule, and Dilla Zuria are all considered Yirgacheffe coffee.

The coffees throughout the region are known for incredible stone fruit and citrus-forward acidity, delicate florals, and incredible sweetness. Unlike in Central or South America, coffee cherries are not pulped on-site at the farm but instead delivered to a communal washing station

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