San Alberto

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San Alberto coffee is grown exclusively at the San Alberto estate. Its flavor is intimately linked to this blessed land, full of nutrients and rich in spring water. The special micro-climate provides an exquisite taste and unique identity. This is a unique, award-winning origin roasted coffee that you will not find anywhere else at such a great price.

Tasting Notes: caramel, mellow dark chocolate, delicate fruity acidity


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The farm rests in the heart of the Colombian coffee belt. Warm winds from the Quindío Valley, cold air from the Central Mountain Range and high elevations provide a temperate climate ideal for producing some of Colombia's best coffee.

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San Alberto’s

In 1972 Mr. Gustavo Leyva acquired the Alsacia farm in Buenavista Quindío, a longtime dream for him. Nevertheless, joy came at a difficult moment. His youngest son Alberto died on an airplane accident. To honor his son, the farm was named San Alberto. Since then, San Alberto estate has become an iconic farm of the region due to its rigorous agricultural practices.


Three generations later, Juan Pablo and Gustavo Villota Leyva (grandsons of Mr. Gustavo), vested all their efforts towards growing a luxury coffee, with the sole intention to honor their family legacy. They have the conviction that coffee growers may very well be considered flavor artists, who deserve as much credit as a painter or a fashion designer. The results have been more than positive. San Alberto coffee has become Colombia's most award-winning coffee with more than 25 distinctions for its unique flavor and quality. The key for success has been the commitment towards flavor and a fierce protection of the natural and social conditions surrounding the farm. San Alberto is the largest employer of the little town of Buenavista, hiring men and single mothers. Discipline made them obtain two important sustainable agricultural stamps, Rain Forest Alliance and UTZ.

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