Southern Weather Blend

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The original Onyx blend. Plain and simple but not lacking in flavor. A round full body and a bright, citrusy finish, this coffee leaves a clean, refreshing aftertaste. It pairs with any meal and works well with dairy and non-dairy milk.

Tasting Notes: milk chocolate, plum, candied walnut, citrus fruits


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For us, Southern Weather embodies the excellent relationships between a citric acidity, balance, and wonderful, full-bodied chocolates.

Sold in 12oz bags. Whole Bean only.

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Guatemala, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya
1,850 Meters

Danny Perez

In the spirit of giving each producer a voice, we let Danny tell his story: “This farm has belonged to our mother's family since 1940 and to my grandfather since 1969. It was a small farm, but with hard work and loans, the farm became one of the biggest farms of the region with 160 hectares.”


Danny continues, “Unfortunately, our grandfather passed away on March of 2015. Now his two daughters, Leticia (my mother) and Lorena (my aunt) Anzueto Sandoval are the new owners of the farm. We are working the farm with the help of the 5th generation of coffee growers. Starting the process from the ground up, we are now processing, milling, cupping and exporting the finest Guatemalan coffees directly to the best roasters in the world.” The Perez family has shown incredible consistency and attention to detail. We are incredibly honored to showcase beautiful washed Pacamara from Finca Insul and continue a long-lasting relationship.

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