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This coffee brings to life the attributes that the world has grown to love about coffees from Brazil. We source it directly from our good friends Ze Pato and FAF Coffee.

Tasting Notes: red grape, peanut butter, milk chocolate

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Zé Pato is a new offering for us, but the coffee is sourced through one of our longest partnerships – FAF Coffee in Brazil!

Sold in 12oz bags

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Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil
Red Bourbon
1,700 1,200 meters

Ze Pato

José Osmar has lived and worked around the Cachoeirinha Valley for the majority of his life. He continues tending to Sitio Pirapitinga, but nowadays it’s in partnership with his friend and neighbor, Eder Michel Bacetti. Michel takes care of the day to day work in the field; Zé Pato covers the costs and helps when he’s able.

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Michel and Zé Pato we’re both some of the first people in the area to begin working with FAF back in 2008. FAF, or Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, which means Environmental Fortress Farm, is the premier coffee farm in Brazil and a leader amongst the international coffee community. This is our oldest producer relationship, dating back to our humble beginnings in the early 2000s, when we first met Marcos Croce, Silvia Barretto, and the family. FAF’s vision of how to properly treat our planet and our environment is truly inspiring. They’re consistently raising the bar for the model of sustainability in coffee production, not only for Brazil but for the entire world.

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