1000 Faces Coffee was established in Athens, Georgia, in the spring of 2006. A group of ecologists and social entrepreneurs founded the company with transparency in the supply chain as the guiding principle. Since we opened our doors on day one, we have been working together with the two most important ends of the coffee spectrum: the coffee producer and the coffee consumer.

Through these partnerships, we aim to build a foundation for real economic sustainability for all parties involved. 1000 Faces is a coffee roaster, merchant of change, and voyager of the agrarian spirit.

Our mission is to connect the coffee consumer and coffee producer more directly. We believe that respect for geographic origin, direct relationships, and ecological awareness, are the bases for creating a more sustainable coffee culture.

Their Farmer Partners

“Beyond the endless pursuit of quality, relationships are the core of 1000 Faces. We aim to understand every facet of our supply chain – from our local Georgia creamery to the coffee farmers at origin whom we regularly visit. Bit by bit, we’re making our world a little smaller.”

-Ben Bowdoin, Director of Coffee

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