Archetype Coffee is a small specialty coffee roaster dedicated to sourcing and serving some of the world’s tastiest coffee. Located in the very middle of America’s heartland, Archetype ironically stands out in the US as a roaster with a Nordic approach to roasting common to the coffee roasters of Scandinavia.

Active in the US Coffee Championships since 2015, Archetype has been a fierce competitor year after year, with semifinalists in the Barista, Brewer’s Cup, Roaster, and Cup Tasters competitions, including two Top 5 finalists in 2020.

Archetype aims to merge the ethics and artistry of identifying and sourcing quality coffee with the meticulous science of roasting in order to deliver beautiful coffee in a consistent, repeatable fashion. In doing so, they honor the contribution of everyone in the coffee chain, from producer to consumer, making a better life for all.

Do good work. Be good people. Drink good coffee.

Their Farmer Partners

“Roasting coffee is the art of science, or it’s the science of art. Either way it’s like the golden ratio: indescribable beauty and deliciousness explained, documented, and disguised as math.”

– Jason Burkum, Head Roaster

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