Black & White Coffee Roasters was formed from a business partnership with Lem Butler and Kyle Ramage, who had a similar view and passion to make specialty coffee more approachable. Coffee should be simple. Whether you like your coffee black, with sugar, or with cream – they look for coffee that tastes great no matter how you drink it.

In 2016, Lem Butler won the United States Barista Championship and went on to place 4th in the World Barista Championship In Ireland. In 2017, Kyle Ramage, (Lem’s coach and friend) won the United States Barista Championship and went on to place 6th in the World Barista Championship in South Korea. It was then, in 2017, that Lem and Kyle began Black & White Coffee Roasters. Starting with a small cafe in Wake Forest, (which also housed their first roasting facility), Black & White has since grown into three cafes and a separate roasting facility today. Kyle and Lem created the year-round coffees – the Natural, the Classic, and the Original – to help introduce people to the specialty coffee industry by providing coffees that highlighted the origins and classic taste of the coffee.

Their Farmer Partners

“We always put the producers name on the bags because we want people to know that a person grew this coffee. It isn’t just a farm but the work of a family. This is a precious reality that often gets lost in the hustle of our industry.”

– Kyle Ramage, Owner

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