Every coffee has a story to tell that includes the land where it was grown, the hands that nurtured it from seed to harvest, the craftsman who roasted it, and the communities it supported along the way. Blanchard’s Coffee strives to honor each coffee’s story with a commitment to sustainability in the global coffee community.

The Blanchard’s story began in 2005 when its founder, David Blanchard, roasted the first batch of coffee on his new Ambex roaster in his father’s garage. In those early days, David’s goal was to roast great coffee that he could share with family and friends. Over the years, family and friends grew in number, and our coffee community expanded to include customers and producers from around the world.

Over the past 13 years Blanchard’s has come to appreciate that our work really boils down to people and building relationships based on honesty, trust, and compassion. Their customers trust them to bring them exciting coffees. The Blanchard’s team trusts their farm partners to grow and harvest those coffees. Roasting better coffee is a continuing journey. We are proud to share it with you.

Their Farmer Partners

– David Blanchard, Founder

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