San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México

CAFEÓLOGO works all along the coffee cycle: farming, processing, milling, roasting, cupping and brewing coffee while educating, training and communicating coffee culture to consumers and professionals. Jesús is CEO of CAFEÓLOGO and maintains a dedication to developing highly humanized and qualified coffee.

The roastery is based in the highlands of Chiapas in the beautiful and historical town of San Cristóbal de Las Casas. More than 120 Mayan farmers from Tseltal and Tsotsil cultures work with CAFEÓLOGO and a team of 7 talented professionals shape the agronomy team that stablishes the collaboration with every farmer all along the cycle of coffee every year.

The roastery, as well as the company, is driven by the synthesis of aesthetics and ethics in every single coffee. Every year around 1,500 micro lots from 120 small farmers are tasted and roasted by CAFEOLOGO, mainly for Mexican market, but now for consumers in the United States! Every single lot is preserved with very detailed traceability as different and unique until delivered to the final consumer.

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“Sustainable, high quality coffee is only possible through a virtuous and ethical cycle..”

-Jesús Salazar, CEO

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