Colombian-born Steven Sutton launched Devoción in 2006 to produce the freshest coffee imaginable — roasting provides only half of coffee’s flavor, while mere freshness of the beans does the rest of the work. And yet, most coffee beans sit around for months, losing flavor every day. That’s why the Devoción team does everything short of picking the cherry, and does it faster than anyone else. They hand-select from over 1,000 farm partners, dry-mill at their Bogotá facility, control the export process, and roast in Brooklyn. With year-round harvesting throughout Colombia and faster transport from origin to cup than any other purveyor (in as fast as 10 days!), Devoción ensures its coffee’s supreme purity, freshness and integrity. You’ll taste the difference in a single sip.

The Devoción mission is to establish its brand as the first true farm-to-cup roasters, while maintaining high standards of sustainability and providing the best ancestral varieties of coffee from Colombia. Devoción prides itself on a passion and dedication to bringing harmony to Colombia and putting the best – and freshest – coffees in your hands.

Their Farmer Partners

“Devoción is all about passion. I pass my passion by sharing, explaining, and living every moment of this company with my employees, vendors, and clients. We all give 1000% of our love and devotion, and at the end it is contagious.”

– Steven Sutton, Founder

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