Founded in 2017 by Jaris Barrientos and Carlos de la Torre in Mexico City, Jiribilla has been garnering attention in specialty coffee circles around the world. Yaris and Carlos started this project striving to make a difference on the livelihoods of farmers in Mexico by roasting coffee at origin. They take direct trade to an intimate level by sharing the beautiful story behind each coffee and the families that worked for years to bring each cherry to harvest.

Jiribilla aims to share the best of Mexico’s coffee with the world while opening channels of communication between the consumer and the farmer. Carlos sees a family and a community behind each lot. Often these faces are lost in the supply chain, but he works closely with each family to share their story through every cup. And their coffees are winning awards year after year. The attention-to-detail and care behind Jiribilla coffee starts with their farmers and extends through their vertically integrated business. Jiribillla shows that an enormous amount of impact can be made with the right mission and intentions. Harvest looks forward to growing with this up-and-coming roaster in Mexico City.

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Their Farmer Partners

“We measure our success by the number of lives we reach through our coffee.”

– Carlos de la Torre

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