Rogers, Arkansas

Onyx Coffee Lab was born in October of 2012. Back then, we were struggling to get access to the kind of green coffee samples we were interested in. When no one knows who you are, no one wants to take a chance on you. But we persevered. Today we consist of a roasting facility, four stores, and almost 100 employees.

No matter what beverage is created with coffee in our cafés, it all starts with the green coffee. We believe that no amount of roasting expertise or beverage mixology can take the place of the kind of green coffee that’s the result of intentionality at the farm level. The quality of our green coffee is a direct result of our commitment to a sustainable relationship with the producers from whom we purchase coffee year after year.

Relationship Coffee is an initiative we, at Onyx, have purposely created to describe our transparent sourcing and buying practices. For us, the mark of a strong relationship coffee is an honest exchange ethos that permeates our company, and we hope it encourages the growth of specialty coffee for the future.

Their Farmer Partners

“We journey to find the finest and most unique coffees in the world. Transparency and excellence are the expression of our core.”

-Jon Allen, Co-Founder

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