Medellin, Colombia

We are a 100% family-owned business, started four decades ago by our father, Pedro Echavarría. For the first 35 years, we only produced coffee and sold it at commodity prices. As production costs kept climbing and prices dropping, we started exporting green coffee to great craft roasters in the US and the rest of the world. We now roast our own coffee and sell it in our beautiful small coffee shops in our home city of Medellin. We are proud to offer our local and foreign visitors access to the best coffees of Colombia.

Now, through our producer program, we do for others what nobody did for us when we started: provide access to a market looking for quality and willing to pay for it. We are helping create a prosperous rural middle class in the regions we work in. These regions have, in the past, been hard hit by drug-fueled violence. In return, we offer our clients the full spectrum of the best coffees Colombia has to offer.

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