San Francisco, CA

In 2003, after 25 years of experimenting with creating his own coffee blends, Phil Jaber moved his kitchen table into his convenience store, marking the beginning of Philz Coffee. He understood that if you put people first, you cannot fail. Today, Philz serves over 50 communities with our custom coffee blends. Every cup is handmade and personalized to each customer’s taste, one cup at a time. From the very first day, we have been about quality and care, warmth and connection.

With our green bean buying, Philz directly supports our company mission to “better people’s day”. We start by buying only the highest quality green beans to ensure a perfect taste experience. Through our Philz Sourcing Commitment, we deepen the meaning behind delivering a “cup of love” by investing in programs at origin in countries where we buy coffee. At Philz, our mission is to better people’s days. We promise you that any way you have your coffee, we will make it perfect.

Harvest donates 5% of each Philz Coffee sold to Food 4 Farmers, a group that works to bolster food systems and build better livelihoods in coffee producing countries.

Their Farmer Partners

“Food and the way it’s produced has a dramatic impact on the environment, biodiversity, and food security. Overreliance on input-intensive agricultural systems has left budgets stretched, the environment battered, and farming families hungry.

The time for ‘transFARMation’ is now.”

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