Montgomery, Alabama

“It was 2012. Megan was seven months pregnant. A dear friend or ours, a refugee from West Africa was living in our basement. That’s when we decided that I would quit my job and become a barista.” recounts Prevail Coffee co-founder, Wade Preston. Up until that time, Megan and Wade had each worked in the non-profit sphere and felt a desire to create a space which cultivates authentic and diverse community while also improving the lives of their friends in the developing world. Coffee was a natural fit. They couldn’t deny their vision in any longer. In 2013, after Wade spent two years honing his skills in the Atlanta coffee scene, the pair launched what their first cafe in downtown Auburn, AL. The response was overwhelming and led to an expansion into wholesale coffee roasting. Through Prevail Coffee Roasters, Megan and Wade have partnered with an amazing team of baristas, as well as their friends incredible coffee producing friends around the globe to craft carefully roasted coffees produced with patient respect for land and labor.

The Mission​: Become a quality connector for authentic community.

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