Sunergos is a company born out of a thorough appreciation of great coffee, creative reflection, and simple community. We derive our name from the Greek word sunergos used in the First Century to refer to relational, collaborative service. We continue to trace the sunergos theme throughout the development and operation of our company.

In the early years (2003-2004), founders Matthew Huested and Brian Miller began roasting on a small roaster at Day’s Coffee in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville. They sold coffee to friends and family and developed relationships with local coffee businesses. Shortly after, Brian and Matthew found their first retail location and opened with a small roaster on-site.

Each person who walks into one of our locations, or has our coffee served by one of our wholesale partners, has a history of drinking coffee that we seek to honor in our lineup. All of our coffees come from specialty coffee producing farms. We purchase them in a manner that is responsible, sustainable, and results in tremendous quality.

Their Farmer Partners

“Sunergos means “working together.” This simple phrase represents our company culture. It influences how we source and roast coffee, and how our wholesale team works to provide unmatched customer service through close partnerships..”

– Brian Miller, Founder

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