In 2009, Bruce and Matt Milletto purchased a vintage, French-built 1974 Samiac roaster from a company in Switzerland, and set about building a new business around it. Having dozens of years of experience in training and consulting in the specialty coffee industry, Bruce and Matt saw a great opportunity also to develop and showcase a retail and roasting business in the same building as the American Barista & Coffee School. And Water Avenue Coffee was born.

Matt grew up around the coffee industry and has worked in coffee steadily for the last 20 years and has helped hundreds of small and large coffee businesses open up and succeed around the world. Since 2003, he has been teaching and training at ABCS, where he serves as vice president and co-owner. Matt is also the current President of the Oregon Coffee Board.

Water Avenue Coffee believes in environmental, social, and economic stewardship. Building close relationships with coffee farmers give Water Avenue access to a variety of the highest quality coffees while supporting the lives of smallholder farmers around the world.

Their Farmer Partners

– Matt Milletto, Founder

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